Prepare My Heart – Day 12: Keep Love in Your Heart

With all the chaos going on in the world, we can easily become angry or discouraged just by turning on the news. So many people in the world have lost hope. In times like this, it is important that we keep love in our hearts so that we don’t become lost, hard-hearted, or full of hate like many others in the world.

As Christians, our job is to bring the light of the good news into a dark world. By treating others with love (even if they don’t deserve it) we are doing just as Jesus commissioned us to do. By keeping love at the forefront of actions we can share the love of Christ to those who may not know Him. 

Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.
Proverbs 3:3

Many times we read the scriptures so quickly, we don’t stop to understand what God is trying to say to us. Let’s break down what the scripture is saying about love and faithfulness.

  • When God gives us the command to let love never leave you, we should obey for many reasons. Keeping love in your heart makes it easier to sympathize with others, extend compassion, and forgive. Don’t let the darkness of the world cause you to lose the love God has given you.
  • Anytime the scriptures say bind it around your neck, the writer is suggesting like a necklace, we put on these qualities and leave them there. By putting anything around your neck, it is not easily lost and always in view. Don’t risk losing your love, keep it with you always and leave it there.  
  • When God tells us to write love and faithfulness on the tablet of your heart, He is telling us to persevere these qualities; to keep them in memory and use them often. 

Will keeping and giving love be easy? Maybe, maybe not. But on the days when it gets hard to keep love in your heart, God is there to help you through it.  

Grab your bible, and read the scriptures for yourself to complete today’s Scripture Reading Challenge. What are your thoughts on today’s passage? Share with us in the comments below or head on over to our Facebook page to join the conversation!

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