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Your relationship with Him doesn’t end after church is over. 

Quiet Time With Jesus is a lifestyle blog that encourages cultivating a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. As a Christian Millennial, I have learned that the true testament of our faith in Christ is the fruit of our lifestyle. How we choose to act, react, and live are all a direct reflection of our relationship with God. By developing a deeper relationship with Him, only then will we be able to experience the abundant life He has promised to us.


Having Trouble Connecting With the Bible? Don’t know where to begin?

 You’re Not Alone. I’m Here to Help.

When I dedicated my life to Jesus Christ, I didn’t know where to begin. All I knew was that I loved Him and wanted to live for Him. And to God, that was ENOUGH. Here’s the thing. You don’t have to be perfect to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ. Just be yourself. God sees you, and He will meet you right where you are. Come to Him humbly, and ready to learn. Take each day one step at a time, and allow His Spirit to help you to grow closer to Him. Just like getting to know a new friend or learning a new language, living for Jesus will take time, patience, and practice. But  in the end, it will all be worth it.

About Victoria

Founder and Writer

Hi! I’m Victoria, a Christian Millennial with a lot to say. I am a military wife, mom, and ordained minister. I grew up going to church every Sunday with my family and had a very happy childhood. I fell in love with Jesus at a young age and experienced Him in many personal ways as a young child.

As a teenager, I allowed family trouble, peer pressure, the pursuit of money, and other cares of this world to distract me from my relationship with God. It wasn’t until the Spring of 2011 that I knew I could no longer do life on my own. I went running back to the arms of Jesus where he fully embraced me with His love. Since then, I haven’t looked back and my life has never been the same.

Now, I use my creative gifts to share my love for Christ with the world. My passion is to share the good news in practical ways so everyone can receive Him and live an abundant life throguht Christ.  

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